Went to ER last night ; where we started and one day will finish it there.I wonder if my mother has ever thought to herself that this big round extra pound is going to be able put up with all the adventures on this planet.
Why didn't it happen?
Why should it always get prolonged every single moment?
What have not we done that needs to be done?
Millions and millions of people have got killed in a flash of moment throughout the history ; that Jew staring at the camera sitting on top of piles of dead bodies with a gun aimed at his head, or that Afghan student girl running out of school who faced a big bullet right into her forehead , or that African child which didn't even see the sunlight after that long day of starvation or even that Fadaee girl standing before a row of gun after been hardly raped in order not to die a virgin.
Why should our lives matter so much when it is not worth a dime!

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