Maybe I am too depressed to even think about writing some words here in my own space of solitude but I don't think it is honest to abandon this small home and leave it like somewhere I have never been before but anyways life goes one:

It's really strange that every single damn thing you have ever neglected in your whole life gradually factors in your life and you become just numb about it.Once upon a time the only problem in our life has been our values and values fade away (we know all about it) .they become washed away and nothing else matters anymore. Heroes become Hyperactives and martyrs become Fools who should have respected their lives and their bills and payments because nobody respects you unless you do.Are we lost or are they ?
Melodies has been replaced by beats and big asses shaking and beauty and and classicism are now some gypsy-like clothes in those bourgeoisie boutiques. Shostakovich is nothing but a communist and Stravinsky is a refugee and Mozart a womanizer .There is no difference between piano and those electronic toys , women are only giant boobz and big-asses and its cool to be a pervert.
Am I right? or I am just a lunatic asylum from overseas who has been born at the place which they can not even pronounce its name correctly and maybe (God knows) they are going to be in war with it in a few months?
Poor children!!!! There is no life for you neither between coffee-maniacs nor between holocaust-deniers and ass whorshippers !

Am I right?