It's always gonna be late.Either I am so pessimistic or so realistic about the time.Ever tried to think about something or plan about it without being nervous about getting late or being late for your plans.Ofcourse I have never been that naive to be negative about the future.I always have thought that I am gonna be the biggest star in my own field but sometimes I really think isn't it late? then my next sentence would be "ofcourse not" but can you imagine how much stress this dialogue can put in your head.Believe me it's really gonna be hard to concentrate.In simple word many people say "you think about everthing so much!".It's true , it really is.But is it possible not to think about everything too much?
Everything around is so complicated.Aren't they? how can you guyz talk to someone in a store and only say"how much should I pay?".Isn't there a way to communicate? for me it take so many minutes about what I am going to say to be nice and tiny! although I admit that many people are very good at it and very quick. But is it worth a dime?
Maybe I put myself in chain too much but who cares they only say I'm like that , my character is like that and everybody 's unique.Everything should be so perfect that if for some reason one brick in the wall is not well-adjusted I am gonna demolish the whole wall.That's me!Don't bother I am harmless.
Anywayz if you got a word out of my bullshit drop me a comment and let me know about your experiences and let me know isn't it late to get to your future?