For my Day Dreamer

This is only for my beloved friend and companion "Day Dreamer" the great. I am talking to anybody else but my dear guitarist and co-discoverer of songs whom we spent many amazing moments of our lives together and I think i won't be able anytime , anywhere to find such a comrade as he has been and he is to me.
It's right what you are doing .It's right what you have done for your soul , your creativity and your passion of dreaming. You can not imagine how many days and months I thought about you and the way you can release your aesthete part of your character which I know was suffering for such a long time. It wasn't meant for you , for your virgin soul , your never understood high-born attitudes which I have always praised.
Let your soul be free and without any boundaries . Let it fly all over this earthy planet and acknowledge what have you missed or better to say have deprived yourself of.
That natural fragrance of that Latin beauty or that taste of French strawberry or the touch of that Chinese tradition all over your body and then maybe you would understand how your all life-time day dreaming has always been meant for something pure and valuable.
Or nobody knows maybe we meet someday in that exotic dirty cafe over haight and ashbury and celebrate our very own Great Gifts !



It is really strange that some people think that other human-beings on earth have been created or better to say generated in order to complete or advance their idealogical experiences. Once they have been a ruthless comrade doing suicidal acts then became a filthy brother blowing people's brain away by a pistol and after while converted to a life-time secular intellectual with such high standards which he himself could not dream of such immoral ideals and apparently other people have been like lab rats to them. One has lost a hand because of you , one an eye and one his head.
And it's hilarious once they talk about their life achievements like this lunatic-like change of ideology is one of their first and basic civil rights .
So what happens to the people who have suffered because of you trash , what happens to the teenagers who got their heads banged to the wall because of your "ideological evolution"!!!
I am sick of radicalism ! I am sick of it! I am sick of this dirt!
I am sick of your ideological ideals , your fucking heaven , your whore-like virgins or your bloody damn rivers of wine.
Once a while destroying a culture , a nation , a life just to feel being in you so-called heaven !
Sometimes I have a strange feeling right inside my fingers which maybe they can strangle somebody or cut somebody's hand when they dare using it touching each other's body . This is radicalism itself . I know !
Maybe it's hatred which generated guys like me.......... or you!