When I was a kid I remember the moment I came across this question that if Mr.God is going to judge people and award them for their lifetime efforts at the end of the world , what will happen for example to the children who have died seconds after their birth or paralyzed people or the people who have been deceived and brain-washed by the others to kill , to go to the war or to do suicide and I remember that my mom used to say :"honey! this is Mr.God's will and you 'll never gonna find out what's going on.It's his order his continuity and he will know what to do with the people who haven't had the chance to benefit from their lives! He will judge everybody due to their capacities then!!!"
Having been always confused about this religious kind of reasoning , recently came to the conclusion that I have been fooled by an ideologized (better to say) "joke"!
Just imagine that white boy raised up in his dad's home in Beverly hills and have been fed , cared , and fondled .By a chance his daddy is a celebrity in hollywood or shit and finally he realizes that should become an actor or something and he has some small dots of talent deep inside his soul but at the same time some middle eastern boy kicked out of his own home , humiliated , wandering around the globe tries only to survive and follow his dreams and again another child in palestine does not have the chance to breath for the first time . This can be the only reason for a thoughtful person to understand how we all have been tricked by a bunch of delusionals throughout human history!
How ignorant can we be ! how naive can we be ! how brutal can we be!