Absolute Me

It is really awful that there are still some people around the planet who see everything either black or white although colored technology has been invented such a long time ago.When they follow a path or idea there is no OTHER idea beside their own idea.Everything is based on their theory of life and everything else looks doomed and foggy.

Knew somebody before which I only loved this sentence of him which was : " this superior type of feeling inside which gives you the courage to judge people and condemn them and mostly has been aroused by divine ideologies is really dangerous for today's population."
How come you have been granted such a privilege to do what you like and not to do what you don't like but nobody else deserves such a right!
You should accept it all or leave it for ever! hate this phrase which shows the deepest hatred toward what you are or what you are doing but at the same time you prefer to make yourself look really strong toward your destiny ! but you are not honey!
It's again one of your nagging type of philosophizing which makes me and half of the world really sick up to the point which everybody want to throw up on your face , your faith and your holy texts.
Try music instead of talking , you won't miss anything OR try a meaningful orgasm which I am sure you haven't had any and it makes half of your thoughts go away!

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